Who wants to teach the web?


People who teach others about the web are key to the future of Webmaker — and maybe even the future of Mozilla. I’m not talking only about teachers in classrooms getting their kids into HTML. Although that’s part of it. I’m talking about anyone who a) is excited about the culture and technology of the web and b) wants to help others get more out of the web they create and communicate on everyday online. We’ve been calling these people ‘mentors’. But, more simply, they are people who love the web want to share their passion.

Maker Party Surabaya

In my recent post on Maker Party, I asked ‘how do we build a global community of mentors?’ One of the first steps is meeting these people, figuring out who they are and what they really want. We’ve been doing that all summer with Maker Party. And I did a bit personally as…

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Software Freedom Day 2013 – Palo, Leyte canceled

September 21 is Software Freedom Day. It is a worldwide celebration of the gift that which we call “free software”.

People all over the world register teams to organize events related to this celebration in their own locales. A team from Palo, Leyte proposed a partnership with Mozilla Philippines Community to hold one such event in their town to be attended by anyone interested.

They requested support from Mozilla in the form of speaker/s for the event. They also requested for budget and, when I asked for particulars, the emails stopped right there.

They never replied after that. I don’t know what happened to them.

This afternoon, when I checked my mail, there was a message from another organizer informing us that the event in Palo couldn’t push through because they failed to prepare. And it didn’t even come from the person I was in contact with. It had to come from someone else.

I don’t know what happened to them. And I really can’t imagine how they couldn’t have prepared because preparations started, if I am correct, about two months ago.

Then again, I wasn’t thoroughly in contact with them through the whole thing and I really don’t know the people.

Whatever happened, bottom line, the event was canceled.

Truly, this isn’t looking out so well for me. After Firefox in VSU @ 89 was canceled, I didn’t need another canceling on me. Now, I wonder what I could’ve done to help this thing push through.

It’s a good thing I got to attend Firefox OS App Days – Cebu. At least, the canceled events weren’t consecutive. And there’s still an SFD event in Baybay. I think I should attend that one.


Alab, the Mozilla PH mascot

The Mozilla Philippines mascot. He is almost cute I’m just not quite sure what’s missing. I can’t quite put a finger on it.

Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure this guy looks so much like a Pokémon.

Oh, and, notice how his umbrella is all new?

date: September 11, 2013 1721
cat: Mozilla Art
tags: Mozilla Philippines, Alab, mascot, new icon, Firefox

Mozilla @ VSU 89th Foundation Day

This event was described as follows:

In celebration with Visayas State University, 89th Founding Anniversary, the VSU Firefox Student Ambassadors, shall be putting up a Mozilla Booth wherein they shall be rendering free services that shall cater to the Mozilla-related needs of the participants, like helping them install & or updates Mozilla applications on their netbooks and sharing to them basic information about Mozilla, Firefox, FirefoxOS, the Firefox Student Ambassador Program and other Mozilla products.

It was supposed to be held last August 10, 2013, Saturday from 08:00 to 17:00.

If the event happened as it should have, this would have been my post-event report. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, the event couldn’t start as planned.

It didn’t help that the FSA of the university wasn’t organized and I was pretty certain they weren’t quite certain what to do. Apparently, there was not enough communication between the previous leadership and the current one.

I was simply overwhelmed and realized that I didn’t get enough information about the status of the event either. It didn’t help that our reservation in one of the lodging houses of the university wasn’t as it should be. I had to leave before they could start the event. That was after lunch.

Right now, I’m not quite sure whether they pushed through with the event despite the lack of materials, postponed it for the next day, or to a later date. I will still need to communicate with them regarding the matter.

In any case, one thing is certain for me right now: I should be better at this.

First tour

Not really.

I just went downtown and thought it was a good time for me to ask around about organizing my first event.

Results? A bit productive. I learned quite a bit. I so want to report more but I’ve not that much time today. I just wanted to have this up.